Meet Me In New York: Mehran Khaghani – The Comic’s Comic

Sean McCarthy and I break it down in a Trader Joe’s.

He’s Iranian, he’s gay – and he’s funny.

Nick Zaino wrote a full-page profile on me in the Boston Globe fairly early in my career… we were doing a Boston gay comics show at a club called Mottley’s that weekend and I was headlining it… but Kathy Griffin was playing down the street. I think we had 10 people in the audience that night.

Mehran is big, loud, Iranian, gay and utterly hysterical

Weird interview for Worcester Magazine. It’s wild the things you say on the phone and end up in print.

Best Comedian in Boston – 2010

When I was voted Best Comedian in Boston in the 2010 Boston Phoenix reader’s poll. It was very, very sweet when it happened. I miss the Phoenix.

Criscotheque – Slippery Standup with Mehran Khaghani 

Stuff Magazine spotlight on a show I produced called Criscotheque. Comedy show followed by rave. Perhaps a flawed concept, but people rolled and then rolled. A special night by any measure.

Eugene Mirman Comedy Festival 

Some meat haters in Brooklyn thought I stood out at the Eugene Mirman Comedy Festival.

Persianesque – Mehran Khaghani

An interview with an Iranian web magazine that got a lot of details wrong, but meant extraordinarily well.

Mehran Khaghani – Weekly Dig

Weird article with the Weekly Dig. I remember we talked at a restaurant in Chinatown… the conversation was awkward, but here we are.